We save you time

  • No more PowerPoints! Seriously, leave the didactics to us. We have short, get-to-the point talks that will engage your learners.
  • Our pathology questions are like image review on steroids with a high percentage of abnormals.
  • Automatic assignment reminders help take the burden off you to follow-up on lesson completion.
  • Time saved will allow you to focus on higher-level tasks such as clinical integration discussion or hands-on training.

Streamline asynchronous teaching

We have built-in LMS features to allow you to streamline your flipped classroom

  • Place your learners into groups to easily identify them.
  • Send assignments with due dates and multiple lessons to your groups.
  • Automatic email reminders are sent your learners until they complete their assignments.
  • Learners see their assignments on a widget when they log in.
  • Follow your learners' progress and assignment completion at a glance using the assignments progress dashboard.

Follow learner accuracy with analytics

  • As an educator, you will be able to view incredibly granular analytics data about each learner.
  • Beautiful graphs allow you to track your learner's accuracy over time, down to the level of an individual's sensitivity and specificity for a specific pathology.
  • Over 1,000,000 pathology questions have been answered, allowing you to your compare your learners to others.
  • These analytics are available for each learner as downloadable PDF reports.

Institutions using Core Ultrasound

Group Courses

These are courses eligible for group access


Course for novices who want to learn bedside ultrasound for clinical use. 18 hours of didactics and questions. Most often paired with Core Q-Bank.

Core Q-Bank

3200 ultrasound pathology questions covering 10 major POCUS areas. Video explanations and deep analytics are included. Most often paired with Fundamentals.


SonoAnatomy is a 4 year curriculum designed for medical, PA and NP students to learn anatomy and pathology through bedside ultrasound. Both preclinical and clinical lessons included.

Group rates are available

We offer institutional rates for groups of 10 or more

  • Over 100 institutions trust Core Ultrasound for their learners.
  • Group access is perfect for medical schools, residencies, fellowships and for groups of faculty interested in learning POCUS.
  • Group educators get access to the educator dashboard with all the LMS features mentioned above.
  • Courses available for group access include SonoAnatomy, Fundamentals, and Core Q-Bank (with or without CME).

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Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions, we've got answers

  • Once you have a firm number of learners and what courses you'd like them to access Submit a Group Inquiry with these details and you'll hear from me shortly.
  • I will then invoice your group, generally for 1 year of access at a time.
  • Next I'll get your list of learners and educators and set up all the accounts at once.

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Yes, if your group is not 100% satisfied with our courses we will give your money back for a full refund within the first month of access.

Absolutely! We can send an invoice for multiple years of access, revisiting your user list every 12 months to add/remove learners as they start/graduate.

Our residency clients include Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Critical Care, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, and Pediatrics.

Feedback has been universally positive. Many residency clients have commented on how their learners remain engaged in POCUS material throughout residency, rather than just during their dedicated ultrasound rotation.

  • Every group is different, but we see that the most successful groups find a way to integrate our courses into their current curriculum in a way that requires accountability and gives the learner credit.
  • Fully using the LMS features of the Educator Dashboard, especially sending assignments with reminder emails is key.
  • For instance, one residency who has seen success with our courses gives the resident conference credit for the Q-Bank quizzes and Fundamentals lessons sent out monthly. 90%+ residents have stayed engaged in this model.

This is an easy one: email Ben Smith, and he will get back to you shortly.

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