SonoAnatomy is a 4 year curriculum designed for medical, PA and NP students to learn anatomy and pathology through bedside ultrasound. Both preclinical and clinical lessons included.

Learner Benefits

  • Track Your Progress

    Track your progress and understanding through guided video lessons

  • Incredible Quizzes

    Test yourself with learn-as-you go quizzes, including 500 anatomy questions and 500 hand-picked image review questions

  • Certificate of Completion

    Receive a certificate of completion that you can keep for your records demonstrating competence in the cognitive portions of bedside ultrasound

Anatomy Lessons

Learn anatomy with a probe in your hand

Anatomy Quizzes

Reinforce your knowledge with over 500 anatomy questions

Pathology Lessons

Learn clinical ultrasound with rapid fire talks

Pathology Quizzes

Train your mind to see ultrasound pathology, 500 questions

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Educator Benefits

  • Save Time

    Spend less time preparing didactics and more time with your learner teaching hand-on scanning and clinical integration

  • Standardize Education

    Feel confident that your learners will receive a standardized curriculum, normalizing the knowledge they receive

  • Track Progress

    LMS features built into our site allow you to send assignments to students and follow their progress and accuracy.

  • Group Pricing

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Course curriculum

    1. Machine Operation

    2. Physics

    3. Artifacts

    1. Cardiac Anatomy

    2. Cardiac Anatomy Quiz 1

    3. Cardiac Anatomy Quiz 2

    4. Chest Wall Anatomy

    5. Chest Wall Anatomy Quiz

    6. Lung Anatomy

    7. Lung Anatomy Quiz

    8. Back Anatomy

    9. Back Anatomy Quiz

    1. Abdominal Wall Anatomy

    2. Abdominal Wall Anatomy Quiz

    3. Gallbladder Anatomy

    4. Gallbladder Anatomy Quiz

    5. Liver and Spleen Anatomy

    6. Liver and Spleen Anatomy Quiz

    7. Aorta and IVC Anatomy

    8. Aorta and IVC Anatomy Quiz

    9. Renal and Bladder Anatomy

    10. Renal and Bladder Anatomy Quiz

    11. Intestines Anatomy

    12. Intestines Anatomy Quiz

    1. MSK Basics

    2. Hand Anatomy

    3. Hand Anatomy Quiz

    4. Forearm Extensors Anatomy

    5. Forearm Extensors Anatomy Quiz

    6. Forearm Flexors Anatomy

    7. Forearm Flexors Anatomy Quiz

    8. Upper Arm Anatomy

    9. Upper Arm Anatomy Quiz

    10. Shoulder Anatomy

    11. Shoulder Anatomy Quiz

    12. Upper Leg Anatomy

    13. Knee Anatomy

    14. Lower Leg Anatomy

    15. Leg Anatomy Quiz 1

    16. Leg Anatomy Quiz 2

    1. Testicular Anatomy

    2. Testicular Anatomy Quiz

    3. Pelvic Anatomy

    4. Pelvic Anatomy Quiz

    5. Neck Anatomy

    6. Neck Anatomy Quiz 1

    7. Neck Anatomy Quiz 2

    8. Breast Anatomy

    9. Breast Anatomy Quiz

    1. Road Map

    2. Scrolling Tutorial

About this course

  • $199 / year
  • 149 lessons
  • 15 hours of video content