Core Q-Bank is the world's largest question bank of bedside ultrasound pathology, covering all 10 primary bedside ultrasound modalities. It is designed as both a learn-as-you-go educational tool for learners, and an assessment tool for educators. The main advantage of Core Q-Bank over traditional image review is the high concentration of pathology, accelerating your learning.

Learner Benefits

  • Pathology

    Over 3200 hand-picked clips that have been over-read by three experts.

  • Feedback

    Immediate feedback with video explanations for each question will train your eyes to the subtleties of pathology appearance

  • Save Time

    A high concentration of pathology represents thousands and thousands of hours of careful image review

  • 100% Mobile Ready

    Works great on your tablet or phone, and your progress for each lesson is saved for seamlessly moving from laptop to mobile

  • Share

    Share questions with your mentor to discuss difficult or subtle findings. Learn through collaboration.

Learner experience

Educator Benefits

  • Save Time

    Spend less time with image review and more time with your learner teaching hand-on scanning and clinical integration

  • Standardize Education

    Feel confident that your learners will receive a standardized set of images, normalizing the knowledge they receive

  • Dashboard

    Follow your learners' progress with the group analytics dashboard. Quickly get a handle on how each student is performing over time, down to specific pathologies.

  • Group Pricing

    Want to get all your learners access to Core Q-Bank? CLICK HERE to inquire about group discount information.

Educator dashboard

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Pathology you will learn

Data deep dive

  • Cardiac - 473 questions

  • Lung - 379 questions

  • FAST - 425 questions

  • Aorta - 211 questions

  • Renal - 510 questions

  • Gallbladder - 334 questions

  • Soft Tissue - 293 questions

  • Ocular - 96 questions

  • DVT - 345 questions

  • Pelvic - 127 questions