Course curriculum

    1. US Basics / Soft Tissue Ultrasound - Matt Riscinti

    2. Finding Blood Where it Shouldn't Be (FAST) - Michael Macias

    3. Ocular Ultrasound - Dasia Esener

    4. Bedside Echo Assessment 101 - Mike Prats

    5. Narrowing the Differential of Dyspnea - Andrea Dreyfuss

    1. Biliary Ultrasound - Mike Prats

    2. Early Pregnancy Ultrasound - Dasia Esener

    3. MSK - Diagnosis and Injections - Jai Avila

    4. Retroperitoneal Ultrasound - Andrea Dreyfuss

    5. Vascular Access Fundamentals - Claire Heslop

    1. Bedside Ultrasound in Hypotension - Rachel Liu

    2. Cardiac Arrest Ultrasound - Rachel Liu

    3. Five Ways to Up Your Echo Game - Claire Heslop

    4. Fluid Responsiveness Simplified - Matt Riscinti

    5. Right Heart Ultrasound - Jai Avila

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About this course

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  • 16 lessons
  • 7 hours of video content

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Our phenomenal speakers

Mike is an EM physician, Director of Ultrasound Research at the Ohio State University. He runs the Ultrasound GEL Podcast.

Andrea is an EM physician and faculty at Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis.

Matt is an EM physician and the Assistant Fellowship Director at Denver Health. He is the co-founder of The POCUS Atlas.

Claire is an EM physician. She is taking a break from working at the Toronto General Hospital and Sickkids Hospital, to live, work and teach POCUS in New Zealand.

Jai is an EM physician and core faculty at UHS Southern California in Temecula, California. He runs along with Ben Smith.

Michael is an EM physician and the Global Ultrasound Director for Emergent Medical Associates. He is the founder of The POCUS Atlas.

Dasia is an EM physician and the Fellowship Director of the Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship at Kaiser Permanente in San Diego.

Rachel is an EM physician and the Director of Ultrasound Education at Yale School of Medicine.

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