What you get

  • Speaking

    Do you want to create an amazing presentation, from slides to speaking like a pro? Check out the killer pearls from Terren Trott and Anand Swaminathan.

  • Web publishing

    Want to learn how to find and edit educational media and publish them on the web? Check out Ben Smith's talks on media collection, Photoshop, and website creation.

  • Podcasting

    Want to up your podcasting game? Check out the equipment / editing talks from Jacob Avila and the absolute gold podcasting talks from Jess Mason and Jessie Werner.

The team

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some highlights from the course

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome

  • 2


    • Building Your Knowledge Foundation - Jacob

    • Gathering Multimedia - Ben

    • Top 10 Photoshop Skills - Ben

    • How to Speak Like a Pro - Swami

    • Equipment Primer - Jacob

    • Presentation Creation - Terren

    • Dissementation Domination - Jacob

    • How to Zoom Good - Ben

    • Podcasting - Jessie

    • Dos and Don'ts of Podcasting - Jess

    • Website Creation - Ben

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    • Feedback Survey